90 Commits (master)

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jowj 480ebbc05a Move to hacky !mojo mentions to temporarily fix a bug. 3 years ago
jowj 93fbd8f361 Remove my fuck ups because magit confuses me. 3 years ago
jowj 5e00dc9aac Merge branch 'master' of git.awful.club:hosted/mojojojo-bot 3 years ago
jowj 972a1314a4 Move react_to_message outside of message handler. 3 years ago
jowj eef1cb68f5 Move to human readable format from posting. 3 years ago
jowj 63aa44eff0 Fix file pointer to look at alerts.log (oops) 3 years ago
jowj 17fffde8c5 Remove the file once I've read it out. 3 years ago
jowj 5010b40d9a merge commits from remote. 3 years ago
jowj 4f72485e9f Update state.log to state.json to match changes in arke. 3 years ago
josiah 3920131cb6 Remove the quotes that have betrayed me 3 years ago
josiah a0ee9f1702 Update zalgo logic to remove 'zalgo' from response 3 years ago
josiah fea8bcc7bd Add random import. 3 years ago
josiah 4438d66ed1 Add var definition 3 years ago
josiah 6ec3083b3a Stop using async 3 years ago
josiah 9739a1691c Add initial zalgo function. 3 years ago
jowj 6550bb152e Change sequntial ifs to elifs. 3 years ago
jowj afc1554914 Change back to previous catch all response. 3 years ago
jowj 75e51c1277 The laziest debugging commit i've ever done. 3 years ago
jowj 7911582f85 Fix misnamed environment variable. 3 years ago
jowj 7eb33cc220 Update to use the proper python file! 3 years ago
jowj d315140e2e Remove white space, add response for 'arke' command. 3 years ago
jowj 5fdccada37 Add dedicated post to slack function. 3 years ago
josiah c003f8d6b1 Update to follow best practices (remove a bunch of unused libs) 3 years ago
josiah b27189bc88 Follow better python formatting guidelines. 3 years ago
josiah 5094afba60 Update some minor things for better PEP compliance 3 years ago
jowj 57626469dd Restructure mojo to match slack apiv2 + sane file structure. 3 years ago
josiah 20e42a17dc Create initial file for mojo-arke integration on v2 api 3 years ago
josiah 566304f28d Update dependencies. 3 years ago
jowj 562926f33c Fix idiotic error with threading 3 years ago
jowj e11906fa48 Misc white space fixes, adding pipe files, etc 3 years ago
jowj 3e858462ac Begin migration to v2 of slack's sdk 3 years ago
jowj 5ee52ba01a Update slackclient version. 3 years ago
jowj 1e948e1859 Revert api upgrade changes; update dockerfile. 3 years ago
jowj 6456fd689f Reference the new Webclient instead of SlackClient. 3 years ago
jowj 7f88871543 Moving back to slackclient 2. 3 years ago
jowj 6b578a3946 Try to recover to older slackclient version 3 years ago
jowj 04f040e885 Update slackclient version to 2.0.0 again. 3 years ago
jowj e64ef30664 Finally working commit; some dependencies must have been updated. 3 years ago
Jowj 15d3c05fc6
Update dockerfile 3 years ago
Jowj 67e455199b
Update dockerfile 3 years ago
Jowj ad1aaff247
Update dockerfile 3 years ago
Jowj d4359c2df9
Update dockerfile 3 years ago
Jowj bb0a669bfc
Update dockerfile 3 years ago
jowj f7296568e1 Update pence line to be case-insensitive 4 years ago
jowj bc8ba27619 Update readme with specific chat functions. 4 years ago
jowj c482a7115f Add "pence" 1liner so i can start playing with more text reactions. 4 years ago
jowj f27398b747 * mojojojo-bot.py: Add new argument for handle_command. 4 years ago
jowj 213a61b930 Update loop structure to allow for real time alert notifications. 4 years ago
jowj fbf32bf0be Update mojo to look at proper alerts.log file. 4 years ago
jowj 7135de66d2 Update file monitor to look for shared-vol '/shared/' location. 4 years ago