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warren is the server part of weir

Listen for http posts on two routes,


  1. teach me how to do proper python packaging

  2. give me a reason to build out actual CI (i'm thinking drone?)

  3. help me keep track of my burgeoning compute footprint


  • listen for posts on a specific url

  • save data extracted from body of post to sqlite

  • actually get the tox/make/linting shit to work

  • Write directory handling stuff for new db create

  • Make sure logging is working as expected; i think i've done something wrong with naming with caps.

  • Migrate away from flask's dev server and use a real WSGI server per the in-app warning

  • ^^ but postgresql and in a managed instance

  • gui front end for sql queries


gonna try this new packaging paradigm:

notes to myself

  • flit is interesting but REALLY frustrating; if you get something wrong the errors are not very obvious.

    • there's some issue with entering a password in the cli as prompted; putting it in the .pypirc file fixes the issue?