repo that houses scripts and integrations that I use to backup various aspects of my online life. quantified josiah
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quantified josiah

Project that houses all my scripts and automation for pulling in data from external-to-me projects.


I rely heavily on precommit. I should write about how to deal with it, etc.

Common issues

  1. You really need to be inside a git repo or pre-commit will not work.

  2. If you modify `pyproject.toml` make sure your syntax is correct; many linters will error in arcane ways due to an improperly titled section.


Eventually, I'll write automation for pulling stuff from all my chat apps, all my browsers, etc. I've just started with my watch so far.


probably involves pulling {daily,weekly} backup from phone db then parsing. Phone, not desktop app, due to SMS.


probably involves pulling {daily,weekly} backup from webapp or phone db backup


Want to pull in movies watched and when


probably involves pulling {daily,weekly} backup from synapse


offlineimap maybe?


I already wrote something that integrates reddit posts to pinboard. Writing something else that pulls pinboard stuff down and puts it into, idk, csv? org mode? format would be good


I don't have a good solution here. Bridge into matrix and backup that?


This exists on both my iPhone and my android. Getting it is gonna be annoying, google is hiding it. Its possible I have to actually root a phone? stupid. Should only have to do this once, all further SMS would be covered by signal backup.


outside the scope of this effort. mostly a storage concern, handled on NAS + syncthing

amazon purchases

itemized bank statements

i'd love to get this in CSV format with tags per purchase. My banks are all stupid about API access. Maybe through google pay?

day1 exports

  • at least the text json, but i'd also love a full backup of photos in there

garmin + org mode fitness tracking merging based on date