my dwim scripts
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this repo houses some random shit i wrote that does stuff for me. almost no one will want this stuff.


youtube-dl is fucking amazing. its one of the coolest / most useful things maintained by oss people that regular, normal humans see. but it doesn't do what i want it to do out of the box.


  • assumes everything is part of a playlist

  • each file downloaded goes in a folder named after the playlist

  • declare a flag that determines what library the target should go to

    • video vs audio right now


using the whois package, get the status of my domains. send an email under the following conditions:

  • the domain is < 90 days away from expiring
  • the SSL is < 30 days away from expiring


  • wait until the .club tld support is merged in, add my other domains to the list of shit to check
  • add SSL checking to the script
  • add email / slack alerting to the script.
    • actually, just move this to the arke project so that its deployed to my servers and alerted on consistently
    • and i won't have to re-implement notification logic! nice.

DWIM naming history

dwim comes from someone in the history of LISP. i like the connotation of doing what /i/, in particular, mean, rather than the general 'try and figure out what i mean' that it has in history.

besides, based on the critics of the DWIM system i feel like my interpretation is more accurate anyway.