an integration between saved reddit posts and pinboard
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an integration between saved reddit posts and pinboard.

specifically, comments and posts saved to your reddit user profile can be pulled into pinboard through this project. the following information is pulled down and used when pinning to pinboard:

  • subreddit (becomes a tag)
  • post title (becomes title)
  • post description, if it exists (becomes description)
  • post url (becomes url)

the tag "added-by-pynnit" is also added to each entry moved to pinboard in this way. This allows for easy viewing of all imported links. I found this very useful when I was writing the script in the first place, but you may not want it.

using this bullshit


I use pipenv pretty exclusively because of how it works with my editor. that's the only package manager i've actually tested with, but theoretically the typical pip install -r requirements.txt should work just fine.

setting up the environment

You need several things to use this project:

  • Reddit username
  • Reddit password
  • Reddit client ID
  • Reddit client secret
  • Pinboard api key

Your reddit un/pw you should already have. The client ID and client secret can be generated by following the instructions here:

Your pinboard api key can be found here (assuming you are logged in):

You need to export these in your shell in the following format:

export REDDIT_UN=''
export REDDIT_PW=''
export REDDIT_ID=''

Then run the following commands, in the order given:


background and additional information

getting data from reddit

if you don't have MFA set up for your account (you should do that) then this is easy. everything works as expected. BUT if you DO have MFA set up let me tell you: this gets dumber. when you export your reddit password you have to also include an active MFA 6 digit code, like this:

export REDDIT_PW='password:123456'

so good.

putting data in pinboard

This is slow. The API docs published by pinboard require that you only make a call once per 3 seconds, so if you're adding a lot of entries at once (say, during the intial move over) this can take a while, but its still fast enough for my purposes.

bonus (cursed?) information about reddit (i'm so sorry)

So, there are multiple kinds of reddit posts, and each kind of reddit post seems to have distinct names for the same things, which is REALLY fucking annoying. Its extra frustrating because there's not just a quick lookup for this, you have to just dig through Too Much json.

If you're using PRAW, a reddit /post/ has an attribute called .is_self that's boolean. If its true, its a text only post, if its false then its a link post.

Reddit /comments/ do not have this attribute. They DO have an attribute called .is_root, which i use to differentiate themm.