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josiah 4a7dec3c97 Update some dumb grammar rules. 2 years ago
jowj 4db9a4deef Update to be ~~~professional~~~ 2 years ago
josiah 2e75bae12d Update instructions to reflect my fixes about conditional args. 3 years ago
josiah 0515d6d9db Update docs to reflect poetry instructions. 3 years ago
josiah 63a5afc50b Fix typoes and markdown blunders; update roadmap. 3 years ago
josiah cb61ff6d6c Fix some empty lines, remove comments, lowercase non-globals. 3 years ago
josiah 24a27c0776 Move from argparse required args to individually handled args. 3 years ago
josiah 0f9e3c61d3 Move from pipenv to poetry, since that's what the Cool Kids do now. 3 years ago
jowj 31967c690f Update readme to reflect up to date documentation. 3 years ago
jowj f2eaca31ec Add space in prompt, return response when updating a tag. 3 years ago
jowj 333d9f7486 Remove unncessary file. 3 years ago
jowj 31922b1a02 Update readme to track progress. 3 years ago
jowj 86bf6c42e3 Add ability to retag pins. 3 years ago
jowj 22ee146b1b Usability improvements: 3 years ago
josiah a62d316569 Update readme with roadmap 3 years ago
jowj e3c29d81f0 add license file. 3 years ago
jowj 3af3a71250 Ignore changes to template.sh so i don't accidentally commit creds. 3 years ago
jowj 15495edf56 Update readme to reflect new mfa experience; clean up orginization. 3 years ago
jowj b182d83ae5 Add template file to make new environment setup easier. 3 years ago
jowj bc9e36d571 Implement best practices 3 years ago
jowj 5384007fcc Rename main.py to reddit.py for clarity. 3 years ago
jowj 97e44e5874 Add a line about installing this. 3 years ago
jowj 801d8d177d Generate actual pipfiles, requirements file. 3 years ago
jowj bcf099e7fc Updat readme to include instructions for other users. 3 years ago
jowj f1f878a404 AAAAAH ITS WORKING 3 years ago
jowj ebb3707ba2 No errors, finally, but still not posting properly. 3 years ago
jowj 95389aa306 Work on converting json data, posting to pinboard. 3 years ago
jowj 298e11afb3 Build out skeleton for adding new pins from json file 4 years ago
jowj 50cc781149 Build out get_all_posts; update readme. 4 years ago
jowj e2b2242312 Add pysnooper for troubleshooting. 4 years ago
jowj 2084ea95d3 Update properties grabbed for both active use cases. 4 years ago
jowj a860153ba7 Update todo list. 4 years ago
jowj 64a6dd9198 Add pinboard skeleton. 4 years ago
jowj 47b6d8b753 Convert to using hasattr in order to prevent exceptions. 4 years ago
jowj 4bbe6078ff Update readme to include STRETCH GOALS and REDDITSUX. 4 years ago
jowj aa54ea1b0a Initial commit 4 years ago