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@ -27,8 +27,24 @@ Your pinboard api key can be found here (assuming you are logged in):
You then pass those variables as arguments to the script run:
### syncing posts from reddit
`☭ python pynit.py --reddit-un '' --reddit-pw '' --reddit-cid '' --reddit-sec '' --pb-apikey ''`
fill in your information and off you go!
### updating tags
To be specfici, this allows you to update tags _in bulk_; if you have 80 items under the 'clothing' tag, and 40 items under the 'clothes' tag you can combine them by running this code
`☭ python pynit.py -rt --reddit-un '' --reddit-pw '' --reddit-cid '' --reddit-sec '' --pb-apikey ''`
You will then be asked for the tag you want to replace, and what you want to replace it with. This is an entirely `pinboard` side operation; there's no technical reason that the reddit information should be required, I just haven't split that off the main loop yet. As long as the flags are present & the `pb-apikey` is correct you will be able to update tags. You will not need _accurate_ reddit creds for this operation. This will eventually be fixed!
### running in debug mode
`☭ python pynit.py -d --reddit-un '' --reddit-pw '' --reddit-cid '' --reddit-sec '' --pb-apikey ''`
Thanks to @mrled for this. I can't believe there's still so much I don't know about `pdb`!! The `-d` flag will do nothing unless the script encounters an exception. If it does, it'll dump you into the `pdb.pm()` dbg repl. Its SUPER useful while you're tweaking stuff / catching idiot mistakes with your password/mfa/whatever.
## background and additional information
### getting data from reddit
if you don't have MFA set up for your account (you should do that) then this is easy. everything works as expected. BUT if you DO have MFA set up let me tell you: this gets dumber. when you enter your reddit password you have to also include an active MFA 6 digit code, like this:
@ -48,6 +64,7 @@ Reddit /comments/ do not have this attribute. They DO have an attribute called `
# roadmap
- [X] move reddit/pinboard script to single file.
- [x] move reddit/pinboard script to single file.
- [x] make the script take command line arguments (i.e. must pass `-reddit` if you want to sync saved posts)
- [x] write new function `update_tags` that will take a tag and retag to a new name (add a cli flag)
- [ ] Remove requirement for unnecessary creds when doing `pinboard` specific operations