a container of love
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a container of love



First, build the container: py colove.py -b

Then, run the container and attach: py colove.py -r

in the container

  1. . /colove/setup/setup.sh
  2. pass in your gpg key
  3. add ssh keys to your ssh-agent (TODO: fucking do this automatically)
    • ssh-add ~/path/to/file
  4. run any deploys you want


  1. Mojobot
    • cd to the deploy folder
    • ansible-playbook -i hosts.yml mojo.yml --ask-vault-pass
    • this will deploy it automatically to docker hosts. eventually i'll need to update targets
  2. arke
    • cd to deploy folder
    • ansible-playbook -i hosts arke.yml
    • has to be deployed on same docker host as mojo. they share the towervol docker volume to share data
  3. znc
    • cd to deploy folder
    • ansible-playbook -i hosts.yml znc.yml
    • currently deploys to dockerhosts datagroup.