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Configuration.nix pruning, tests.
10 months ago
hosts/hoyden Configuration.nix pruning, tests. 10 months ago Create new nix-configs folder for host specific nix configuration. 11 months ago

nix configurations

This folder tracks any nix configuration required. In the past I've experimented with using things like deploy-rs and morph for managing nix hosts, but unfortunately nix state of the art is just trash from a UX perspective. I don't recommend any of these things. Instead, I'm moving to naked configuration of a single configuration.nix file for the immediate future.

How this works

There is a single folder per host currently in use. Each folder contains about 2 files, configuration.nix and hardware-configuration.nix. Any changes made to a hosts configuration should go in the appropriate configuration file, saved, and committed. To use the latest version of a file, invoke rebuild switch with additional arguments, like:

nixos-rebuild -I nixos-config=path/to/your/configuration.nix

In our case, to rebuild the local hoyden configuration, we would run something like:

nixos-rebuild -I nixos-config=~/Documents/projects/adc/nix-configs/hosts/hoyden/configuration.nix switch