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* adc: agares deployment core
this was spun out of agares (which has sense been deprecated) to keep my machine setup bullshit separate from deploys and small docker-compose files not deserving of their own repo.
** ansible
houses ansible roles
** goals:
- [ ] use docker for as much as possible (still WIP; pleroma is a notable non-docker core service I gotta figure out)
- [ ] use ansible for deployment (still WIP; mostly done, pleroma hasn't been moved over to ansible but I think that's the last thing)
- [X] use ansible-vault for secrets management.
- when I was a small baby in running my own infrastructure i used real bad default passwords because I didn't know how to do secrets management and just, like, thought I was clever for opting out? oops.
- [ ] be able to bootstrap my infrastructure from nothing (recovery scenario in case of house fire, robbery, whatever) with a single command.
*** arke
- deploys monitoring script
- its mostly broken.
- relies on droplet config
** ansible specific things
*** for when you inevitably forget how to deploy stuff:
i mostly run commands using the ~all.yml~ file, like:
~ansible-playbook -i hosts.yml all.yml --tags=mytag~
*** mojobot
- deploy mojobot
- two portions; web and rtm client.
- relies on droplet config
*** how to handle working with ansible-vault and not want to kill yourself
i rely heavily on ~ansible-vault~ for secrets management, and to make deployments faster i use a gpg + ansible-vault contraption:
*** znc
- deploys znc bouncer
- relies on external drive attached to droplet
- relies on droplet config
- ~open_the_vault.sh~ is a 1liner that just has this inside ~gpg --batch --use-agent --decrypt vault_passphrase.gpg~
- this script is called every time ansible tries to decrypt ~ansible-vault~ encrypted files
- ~vault_passphrase.gpg~ is a gpg encrypted file that contains the key to my ansible-vault files.
- ~vault_passphrase.gpg~ can be decrypted by my gpg agent locally, automatically.
*** awfulAll
- deploy mojobot
- deploy znc
- deploy arke
- relies on droplet config
running ~ansible-vault edit~ opens a file in my $EDITOR transparently, without prompting me for a passphrase ever. same for deploying; you don't have to pass ~--ask-vault-pass~ ever again!! fuck that's so useful.
*** droplets
- add regular user, sudo group, add user to group
- use local droplet key
- disable pw auth for root
- update apt and install req packages
- restart sshd service.
** riot/matrix deploys
this is included as a submod and I had to reimplement some of my secrets management / group vars and stuff in the submodule's ansible setup. kind of a pain, frankly, but i'm using a tracking mirror to follow ~ansible-docker-matrix~'s github repo, so there's a lot of work i /don't/ have to do with my setup.
*** onprem
- configure aptitude
- add docker key, repo
- install req packages
- add my user to docker group.
*** splunk_servers
- remnent of a past job
- i don't believe ever worked
- here for historical purposes.
*** wg_vpn
** docker
houses small dockerfiles / dockercompose stuff.
*** mediaserver
- docker compose file
- sonarr (tv)
- radarr (movie)
- lidarr (music)
- sabnzb (dl manager)
- lazylibrarian (this sucks and doesn't really work)
** scripts
houses small scripts that i used to use before i moved to ansible for most things. these should probably all get deleted or converted to ansible roles.