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# nextcloud-docker
hosting nextcloud for awful.club members
hosting nextcloud for awful.club members
## changes you should make
all of those instances of 'nextcloud' in the enviornment variables you should definitely change, those are fake.
## ports
i forward the host port of 8080 to the container. i map port 'cloud.awful.club:80' to port 8080 through nginx.
## upgrading
for the love of god do not fucking upgrade your nextcloud instance, jesus christ that is a fucking mistake.
- restoring mysql backups is so fucking fraught.
- nextcloud's domain specific knowledge about how to do this is fractured and everywhere. cannot recommend
- i had a straight up better time with just building a new instance, dumping new data into the proper directory, and forcing nextcloud to rescan it.
## volumes
i prefer to mount persistant volumes (in digital ocean) to be my docker stores. it makes backups harder (volumes aren't backed up through the same mechanism as hosts) but it makes mobility easier; i can move volumes around to any host i want.
long term though i think this is definitly gonna change.