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jowj 29c25708b0 Fix alert.log issue where last kv pair isn't written to file. 2 years ago
jowj 2073b2aae3 Update readme. 2 years ago
jowj e025450f0f Fix the continuous alert state! yay!! 2 years ago
jowj 97b222491a Move to alert_file var; fix json parsing error from last commit. 2 years ago
josiah 71a2df01f8 Document my insanity as I don't understand why json.loads() breaks. 2 years ago
josiah b7b702baef Move to "with file open" syntax from "file.read()" style. 2 years ago
josiah 2075d715ab Move to single datastore dict, instead of list; add pdb. 2 years ago
josiah 8679a9ee48 Update poetry.lock 2 years ago
jowj 8c9c773786 Update readme with next few steps. 2 years ago
jowj 50df968293 Move from magic strings to two variables. 2 years ago
jowj 34e94f6576 Move from line by line items to object by object. 2 years ago
jowj 1d02b3102b Check for file before trying to read it. 2 years ago
jowj 2793db07fd Move to poetry for dependency management. 2 years ago
jowj 30439f9f67 Fix python > python3 typo. 2 years ago
jowj 8c26b9d433 Fix dockerfile to reference proper apks, remove pip3's pyopenssl. 2 years ago
jowj 618b005da4 Clarify comments around state tracking. 2 years ago
jowj cb9dae54c9 Add healthy text; remove new lines to make file and stateFile match. 2 years ago
jowj acd81c9c2b Add a second domain to domains_to_check to prevent type issues. 2 years ago
jowj eb76259715 Remove https:// string from tlsTargets var. 2 years ago
jowj c4dd4aa653 Add tlsTargets, move the cert check to check against those. 2 years ago
jowj aba510a6df Fix datetime import. 2 years ago
jowj aec2334f15 Add py-cryptography package to deal with alpine's idiot behavior 2 years ago
jowj edeba7a44a Update dockerfile additions. 2 years ago
jowj 61a973da8c Remove whitespace. 2 years ago
jowj 3c63822902 Include new monitors in state tracking file. 2 years ago
jowj 49a4249fa7 Add cert, whois check capabilities. 2 years ago
jowj 119e74f5ef Add http targets, domains to check to vars file. 2 years ago
jowj 46b4798d74 Move to proper syntax. All grammer fixes suggested by LSP. 2 years ago
jowj cb7e986842 Fix state tracking issue preventing muting of commands. 4 years ago
jowj ab531326ca Fix logic to iterate through list; move close() arg, file mode. 4 years ago
jowj a0c2c95c31 Remove whitespace at the end of the line 4 years ago
jowj 798133f124 Track state in a different file to allow for consistent tracking. 4 years ago
jowj 3384017e49 Swap state logic so that true is only triggered on change 4 years ago
jowj 5b31be5a26 Update syntax to include spaces. 4 years ago
jowj 9faa0e1ca0 Index into results array to be able to pull key/value 4 years ago
jowj 0cb65d211e Change error text, alter for loop 4 years ago
jowj ea8281ae6e Cast 'value' to str 4 years ago
jowj 0f9952a519 Change text to be written to alerts.log 4 years ago
jowj b1d54b3bcc Require statechange trigger to write to alerts.log 4 years ago
jowj c5fbfbaa91 Update variable name to be consistent 4 years ago
jowj 6e6a51d445 Update syntax 4 years ago
jowj c416d79574 Add state tracking. 4 years ago
jowj ffa1973c74 Update alerts.log file location. 4 years ago
jowj 5a1b55d183 update placement of time.sleep. 4 years ago
jowj 1899644bf2 Update dockerfile to specifically use pip3. 4 years ago
jowj db42a7ad4d Update time.sleep location; update logger file name. 4 years ago
jowj dee7121b4b Update dockerfile syntax to be correct. 4 years ago
jowj d3dd0f84ea Update to actually install required modules. 4 years ago
jowj 3b5ccc4315 Update arke.py to log to appropriate files. 4 years ago
jowj 472ec4fac8 Add 60 sec sleep time at end of loop to prevent ridiculous ballooning 4 years ago